Anti Aging Creams – Do They Really Work

Confusing terminologyThe anti-aging creams advertised on television and in magazines enthuse about Leuphasyl, coffeeberry, titanium, pro-retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids and peptides. Do you understand these terms? They blind us with supposed science and we think because something has a long chemical name it must be special and therefore must work.Testing the theoriesMany creams have been tested and found to be only up to 10% successful – that’s not even visible to the naked eye. Others studies show that some moisturizers are doing the same job as expensive anti-aging creams – just moisturizing and nothing else.AHAs (Alpha-hydroxy acids) were once the must-have ingredient but since have been shown to make the skin more vulnerable to damage from the sun.Radical problemsScientists do agree on one point which is that one of the most aging effects on our skin is caused by “free radicals”. These rascally radicals are in the oxygen we breathe; the air around us; in pollution; in the chemicals we ingest or bathe in and they have a consistently damaging effect on the collagen (elasticity) of our skin from the time we are just 20 years old. We probably won’t notice a problem until we’re in our 30s; but it’s happening anyway and we cannot avoid it – but we can reduce the impact with the right anti aging creams.What has been proven to be effective?Also proven by modern science is the fact that we need a large quantity of the anti-oxidants that are the enemy of free radicals. We get a number of these anti-oxidants from fresh fruit and vegetables but applying anti ageing creams that contain the highest number of these free-radical predators could certainly make a huge difference to those wrinkles. Anti-oxidant creams have received wonderful reviews and testimonials to the fact that they CAN be truly effective.ResveratrolNo, that’s not the name of a specific anti-aging product – it’s the name of the best natural anti-oxidant found to date. In fact scientists are hailing Resveratrol as the most potent anti-oxidant ingredient in anti aging creams so wouldn’t it make sense to look out for high levels of Resveratrol in any product you buy?Are wrinkles inevitable?Simple answer: yes! I have already lived on the planet for over 47 years and my skin has wrinkled just as yours will (or has) and just as a new-born baby’s will someday too. But now, at last,we can at least decrease these unsightly signs of ageing and keep our skin looking softer, more youthful and more healthy than in any decade so far.SurgeryNot everyone wants surgery or painful injections to feel better about themselves but can we now have access to the real deal: anti ageing creams that show real, noticeable and delightful results?

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